50 random facts and figures about the first 100 days of travel

As we’ve currently passed the 100th day of continuous traveling (can’t believe it’s already 100 days) we gathered up some numbers that try to capture this milestone.

26: the number of hotel rooms we’ve stayed in.

1:  the number of chipped teeth on this trip. Damn those nuts in Burmese food at the ten-day meditation course in Yangon!

2: total amount of visits to the doctor/hospital. There was this one day spent in a Bangkok hospital fixing Flore’s tooth (see above) and then the minor ear squeeze Flore got from diving on Koh Tao.

200 dollars: amount first considered to be lost after the meditation course. It turned out that ten hours of meditation for ten days straight makes Flore forget the secret pockets in her pants. A similar thing might have happened to one of the sd cards 🙂

6,5: hours spent in a tiny bathroom close to the toilet due to a food poisoning. We’re hoping this number stays the same for rest of our travels! Burma belly is real folks!

Little did she know that the last meal before going into the meditation course would keep Flore up all night, making her hate those green veggies for life

4: number of different ways we back up our pictures. Even when using iCloud, Google Drive, an external HD and cloud backups, you can never be too sure!

3: number of times we were soaking wet down to our underwear. There was that time in a horse carriage in Mandalay, that day in Phnom Penh where we could just as well have worn our swimming trunks to dinner and the trip to Bokor Mountain where we had to seek shelter in a temple.

6: maximum number of meals at the same restaurant. What can we say, we love the Italian food (and nineties boyband music) at La Baracca in Seminyak and the fusion Asian/western food at Galanga in Amed, both in Bali. Of course, we’re still in Asia so for the rest, we do eat rice practically every day. 

9: number of times we’ve taken the bus. A special mention to that time in Myanmar where we even got a toothbrush on the bus! Not to forget Giant Ibisbus in Cambodia that provides wifi on the road. We don’t even have that on a local train in Belgium!!

14: number of veggie burgers that went down on this trip so far. At the moment, the best veggie burgers have been in Kampot, Cambodia at Espresso Café and Hippo Burger in Koh Tao, Thailand.

Delish veggie burgers with sweet potato fries

Delish veggie burgers with sweet potato fries

2: number of times we wished we didn’t order a veggie burger. Sorry Mango Restaurant in Bangkok and Peace Café in Siem Reap.

5: number of times we drove around on a scooter. We just loved cruising around in Bagan!

1: number of times we shouldn’t have driven a scooter. Rain, night, mountain road, gravel and no available taxis, coupled with a highly wanted restaurant reservation was the perfect setup for hugging the ground.

6: number of times we’ve gotten on a plane to the next destination. Cheap Asian flights for the win!

6: number of times Flore wished she packed as lightly as Sem so she could just travel with a carry-on.

1: number of times Sem got on one knee for Flore. No comment 🙂


Just a camera folks!

45: minutes spent eliminating what seemed to be flees before bed time. Kampot, 29 September 2016.

1,5: number of times we (think) we ate meat. There was that one time we were given chicken soup in Yangon and one meal where the chicken noodles sans chicken still had a surprising amount of chicken in it. Both Myanmar actually, the country we really loved for its veggie food.

17: minimal number of dead rats seen on the streets.

1: number of rats jumping in front of us on the street. Number of local people laughing at Flore’s reaction to it: three + Sem

5: number of times we’ve rented a bicycle. Always a great way to discover the surroundings when you first land at a new destination.

Always a great way to discover the surroundings

Always a great way to discover the surroundings

100: hours spent IN TOTAL SILENCE MEDITATING. Hell to the yes. Thinking about it now, it really seems incredible.

105: lifetime of a newly bought laptop, in days. Don’t buy a Chromebook kids. It’s shit!

2: lost items. Given Flore’s reputation, it’s a miracle she hasn’t lost anything more than the bag for the travel towel. And then there was the day our Go Pro decided he’d be happier chilling on the bottom of the ocean than filming the awesome waves we were catching that day. RIP dear film buddy.

4: number of items we’d leave at home if we would do it all again. Items that didn’t even get a single use yet: fleece sweater, warm undershirt, and that buff we only used as an emergency band-aid because we were both in need of some first aid #urbansurvivors. Oh and All Stars sneakers: also not a good idea. Heavy and not necessary

11: boxes of Pringles bought as a late night snack. Full disclosure, we also bought many of the cheaper brands in Cambodia and Bali (sorry Pringles)

Favourite late night snack

Favorite late night snack

10: km’s spent rafting on a Balinese river. Insert badass smiley

0,12 euro: price of a pair of tweezers in Yangon’s China Town. How awesome is that, 0,12 euro for tweezers! And it even comes with a small eyebrow comb! Say what now!?

11: amount of pills taken to fix the gut transit #realtalk

352: total in minutes spent watching a movie on the big screen. It only cost us €3,45 per person! 

13: number of malaria pills taken on this trips

13: number of Fridays we’ve spent eating too much because you have to eat a lot when taking a malaria pill not to feel sick and nauseous afterwards. At least that’s what we decided is the excuse to not mind the food budget on a Friday. Most popular Friday food: pizza and burritos. 


Pizza is always a good idea. Especially when it’s Malaria Pill Food Coma Friday

8 hours and 50 minutes: time spent calling Flore’s parents through Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Triing

5: number of times waking up those same parents by texting too early in the morning. Damn you time difference!

5: number of birthday / housewarming parties / childbirths missed

2: number of panic attacks in some sea near Koh Tao with about 10 kg of scuba diving gear on Flore’s back and about 20 m of sea underneath her. Plus two or three more after snorkeling and diving in Bali. Yes, my dear friends, we’re learning a lot about ourselves these days. Soon on the blog: “How I discovered that I’m an even bigger control freak than I thought”, by Flore

130: number of selfies taken



333: number of mosquito bites, Sem

3: number of mosquito bites, Flore

25 ° C: average temperature we put on the air con at night. Average daytime temperature must be well over 30 degrees. Sweat sweat sweat!

3: number of new pair of contact lenses, Flore hasn’t lost a single one yet!

5: number of times Flore had to ask for a needle and thread to fix a hole in her pants.

12? 22? 52? number of times Flore cried

5: number of uses we found for that overpriced longyi we had to buy to enter a temple in Yangon, Myanmar.
(beach towel, scarf, curtain, skirt, sleeping hoodie for two while on the plane)

Who said a sarong is the only multi functional clothing item

Who said a sarong is the only multi-functional clothing item?

6: price in euro of the cheapest private two person room we’ve booked. Kampot Cambodia

31: price in euro of the most expensive room we’ve booked. Koh Tao Thailand

88: height in meters of the highest temple we’ve visited in Bagan, Myanmar

28: maximum depth in meters Sem did while getting his advanced open water diving certification. Maximum depth when diving together for the open water certificate: 20 m

20 euros: daily amount we managed to save according to our daily planned budget. We’re heading to Australia in December so we expect this saved up money to disappear real soon… 

18,45: amount of hours we had to wait in an airport for our transfer flight


Eating is by far our favorite thing to do on a ten-hour flight layover!

On to the next milestone! We can only hope it will be as much fun as the first 100 days!

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