#veggie Koh Tao Thailand

#Veggie: our favorites in Koh Tao

If there’s one thing that Koh Tao is famous for it’s diving, and it’s easy to see why. With about 30+ dive shops on one island and great sea conditions all year round it’s the perfect place to get your first scuba diving experience.

But what makes the island even more fun is the amount of cuisines you can taste here. As expats fall in love with the island, many of them bring a slice of their hometown with them when they open their own little restaurant. During our stay here we’ve made some favorites around Sairee beach and Mae head pier, all of them with veggie and/or vegan options on the menu making them perfect for us.

Around Sairee Beach – the beating heart of the island

Living Juices

A small juice shack near the Crossfit Koh Tao gym that serves amazing smoothie bowls.

smoothie bowl Living Juices Koh Tao

The copabanana bowl with frozen bananas, homemade peanut butter, cinnamon, honey and coconut milk, topped with granola and some berries, is the perfect post workout breakfast

Open from 7 till 2 PM , you can even grab some lunch as they offer a fruit or mean green veggie salad.
A perfect breakfast after some thai boxing at the Island Muay Thai gym, or a yoga session at the Shambala yoga center (both options tried and tested). They also make all kind of healthy juices and even offer a 1 or 3 day detox program!

Hippo Burger bar & Grill

A bit further up the main road towards Mae Head you’ll find this burger place with the hippo sign up front. They offer a delicious veggie burger and a couple of sides you can pick from including sweet potato fries.

veggie burger Hippo Koh Tao

Lentil and bean veggie patty topped with cole slaw at Hippo


Italian restaurant and, while Tripadvisor disagrees with us, one of the better pizza places around Koh Tao. We tried their Provence pizza, a nice and – just the way we like it – thin dough with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and a delicious pesto. If you’re looking for a romantic date night however, you might reconsidering coming here, they tend to play their French hip hop music or way too cheesy love songs a bit too loud. But hey, their pizza’s make up for it!

Provence pizza with fresh tomatoes, mozerella and pesto @ V.nizza

Provence pizza with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto @ V.nizza

Zest Coffee Shop

Our regular breakfast and lunch spot. It has a location at both Sairee beach and Mae head pier so wherever you’re staying you can enjoy some good salads, sandwiches or eggs any way you like. By far the cheapest breakfast, we paid 75 baht (+- 1,9 euro) for a fruit, yogurt and muesli breakfast (compared to 120 baht for a smaller portion at most places). Their cheapest sandwich with regular cheese costs as much as the one on the street. But you get sauce to your liking (mmm the pesto!) and an extra smile for free. We also tried their salads and we must say… they’re the biggest and the best we found on the island!

Sem enjoying a huge italiand salad (mozzarella hidden under there!) at Zest

Sem enjoying a huge italian salad (mozzarella hidden under there!) at Zest

Our regular breakfast @Zest

Our regular breakfast @Zest

Indie Café

Hipster bar at the ground floor of the hipster hostel. Not the best choice if you’re on a budget, but we occasionally treated ourselves with the best shakes (mmm Berry Breeze) we’ve found on the island. Their sandwiches are freshly made and come with original chips/fries and delish home made tartar sauce. They also have good quality bread compared to the pre-packed loafs you’ll find at  most food stalls.

shake indie cafe koh tao

Pina colada shake and cream cheese sandwich @Indie’s

Mae head pier

As we only stayed here briefly we leave you with the one place you should really visit as a vegetarian / vegan.

La Carotte qui rit

And the award for most visited restaurant during our stay goes to… La carrotte qui rit! For once it wasn’t Tripadvisor that lead us to this vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Mae Head, but we just had to come back and try their lovely looking Thai veggie food after spotting the restaurant in Mae Head. We’ve visited at least once a day to try one of their many dishes during our one week stay in Mae Head (the first two weeks we’d spent at Sairee beach). As a vegetarian, you’re not used to having this many options in a restaurant! So Flore spent quite some time carefully studying the menu, even planning ahead what she wanted to try the next day 🙂 Tried, tested and approved delicious: pad thai of course, fresh spring rolls with a yummy peanut sauce, green curry, steamed noodles with curry and stir fried vegetables curried tofu, masaman curry, eggplant salad (a bit bland though), red curry, curried fried tofu with vegetables on rice and Sem’s favorite: pineapple fried rice.

Curried tofu and veggies with noodles @La carotte qui rit

Curried tofu and veggies with noodles @La carotte qui rit

fresh springrolls with peanut sauce at La carrotte qui rit Koh Tao

Fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. Yummy!

As this will certainly not be the last time we visit beautiful Koh Tao, if we missed your favorite place to eat do let us know in the comments! 🙂

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