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When you set up a new wordpress blog, the name of the first test page is always “Hello world”. No better title to start our first ever blog post here, as we’re getting ready to travel the world.

You say goodbye, I say hello.

And that’s exactly how we felt during our final days in Belgium before we left off on 13 July 2016. Goodbye steady job, au revoir apartment, howdy friends and bye-bye dear family. Never in our (short – 27/28 years) life did we have to say goodbye as many times as during those last couple of months. Two resignation letters, dozens of cardboard boxes, countless tissues filled with tears and three flights later we’re in Myanmar. Our tears – both expressing the difficulty of saying goodbye and the uncertainty of a whole new adventure – have dried up and we’re ready to conquer the world! Surely with ups and down, in any case with a smile and always with love for each other.

Hello world, this is us

Sem is an IT guy and not easy to pin down. He thinks there are way too many things in the world to discover not to have tried them all at least once. He takes care of the technical side of things like keeping the blog up and running.

Flore is a translator and the one who writes the most during their travels. She has made an entire scrapbook for every destination, filled with entrance tickets, dried leafs and restaurant bills. Her other passions? Sewing (yes, she carries a self made sunny pants in her backpack in case you’re wondering) and baking. So there will definitely be some pastry tasting involved on this trip!

We left without a real travel itinerary but with a rough idea of the places we want to visit, figuring the rest out along the way. We start off in southeast Asia with the first stop being Myanmar (Burma). Also on the list: Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe Indonesia. We hope to be in Australia by 2017 (for a few months even) and hopefully New Zealand. Later on we’ll be heading to South America. We like to give ourselves as much liberty as possible when we travel. So when we like the place, we tend to hang out a little longer.

Hello world, here we are. Hello also to our friends and family back home, reading our stories! Hello to everybody else out there, we’ll share our travel tips with you as we go so that you can use them on your next trip!

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